Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We had intersession last week. Mama invited Micah to spend the night with her in the country on Sunday night, so he spent Monday with her. I ran some errands in the am and spent the afternoon working on vinyl projects at home. Micah came home in time to go to Taekwondo. Tuesday morning we got up and got moving. I had to meet someone to drop off a plate at Hebron. I chatted for a while while the boys stayed in the van. I (thought I) left it cranked and left the driver's side door open while I stood right beside it. When I went to leave, I realized that I didn't leave it cranked, and it wouldn't crank :( My dear sweet Daddy came and jumped me off. Afraid I might be stranded again, I headed home. I asked Stacy to get me another battery on his way home. He did, but when he attempted to change it on Tuesday night, he discovered that I needed a new battery terminal. I couldn't drive again on Wednesday. Wednesday night he tried to change the terminal, but after cutting off the bad wire, it was too short to do anything with :( I put my roadside assistance to use on Thursday morning and had my van towed to Cary's shop. He had it fixed by the afternoon and Laura took me to pick it up. We had a ton of things to buy to get ready for Pi day. We have been looking at buying another vehicle for close to a year now. And being that my poor van has just been having issue after issue, and that Party Jumps is in full spring, we decided that we needed to look more seriously. I miss having a back up vehicle, especially on a week that Micah is off of school! I had a handful of ideas of things to do with him, but we did them all very quickly, being that we couldn't go anywhere.  We did spend a lot of time outside when it wasn't freezing my bones off, or raining. And one day, Courtney and Sarah both came to visit, and that was fun. Overall, not that bad of a week.....Spring Break is just around the corner.

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