Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Oh My Goodness! We attended a lot of egg hunts this year. The first one was on Wednesday, one of the Coldest days of the week! Heather texted us a couple of weeks ago inviting us to the Child's World hunt. I was SO excited and told Patton all about it (in secret) I knew Micah would be upset. I find that we tend to do a lot of fun things during the day while he's at school. I know, he had his time before he began school, but I didn't have a whole lot of friends with children his age. Now my friends have toddlers coming out their ears, so Patton and I stay pretty busy. Back to the egg hunt. We met at Heather's and all loaded up in the van, bundled up as much as possible, we headed to Ms. Scott's house. I was SO stinking excited to see all of my old Child's World friends. They were excited to include some of us in their upcoming class. They even had bunny ears for the boys! How cute!!

I am So thankful for not only old friends, but new friends too!

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