Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tons of fun!

Our friends Love to go to the once a month "Mommy and Me" The circus one was so fun!
 For one of the very first Gym Dog meets of this season, we had an extra ticket. Heather had mentioned that she would like to go, so I invited her. Sarah has tickets with her mom. So when I told her that Heather was coming we decided to car pool. We had a yummy Varsity dinner before heading to the meet. (Not sure why my face is so red!!)

I got a sweet pic with with my group of pregnant friends….. NOT jealous! ;)
 After craving Japanese for over a week, I told Stacy that we really Needed to go. We had a delicious lunch but Patton was the funniest. They gave us soup and salad, then the cook cooked all of our food and served it. Our plates were full. Patton didn't realize what was going on since the food kept coming and coming, he asked "When is our real food going to come?"
 We had a fun time celebrating two sweet girls birthdays :)
The sweetest cousins picture :)
 An IPOD?!?!

 Birthday girls

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