Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hodge Podge

One day around a month ago, Micah came home telling me that Alexis' parents BOTH came to eat lunch with her at school. And he wanted me to come and eat with him..... I had been successful thus far. He never even asked last year. The school lunchroom is my least favorite place inside of a school. When I worked at The Fort I had way too much lunchroom duty I guess. I can not stand to watch children act like animals at the table. It's loud, and just not my idea of a good time at all. I jokingly told Ms. Greene about Micah asking me to come to lunch, knowing good and well, I'd better do it sooner than later. But when she asked me when I was coming 2 weeks later, I decided that I better set a date. Patton and I stopped by Chick-fil-a, got our own lunch and some food for Ms. Greene, and Ms. Brech, and headed to the school. The lunchroom was FULL, the poor little girl behind me handed me her applesauce with tears in her eyes (she couldn't open it) and told me that her grandmother or mom didn't send her a spoon.... While she was talking to me, she spit on my face. I almost threw up there in the floor! I told her that i was sorry that she didn't have a spoon (not sure what I was supposed to do) she proceeded to eat the entire container by sticking and licking her finger *GAG* What in the world?! Ms. Greene joined us at the end of Micah's lunch. We ended up staying with her while she ate and had a nice visit. Lunch with Micah= crossed off my list for now :)

The Yellow Daisy Festival is way more up my alley. Sarah and I got to go last Thursday. We had a great time and I was SO thankful for Aiden who watched Patton for me! 

Celebrate Freedom came, and Micah DID get to go. Stacy and Micah left early in the morning and didn't get home until well after bed time. MIcah's favorite musician of the whole day was Laura Story. But the characters, petting zoo, inflatables, and sugary drinks were a Major plus!!

 I think the BEST part of his day was actually Meeting Kevin and Taylor!! It was a dream come true for that sweet boy! 

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