Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of the First Grade

I can not believe that we officially have a FIRST grader! Micah LOVES school. Micah Needs school. Thankfully MIcah slept a whole lot later this summer. LAst summer he was up and playing/ making noise at about 4:30 most every morning. This summer, he was better to stay in his room and play quietly. I'm trying my best to train the boy that there is no reason to EVER be awake before 6:45 or 7:00 would even be nicer. I NEED my sleep, and apparently Micah does NOT. Either way, now school has begun he's still getting up around 6 and is Slap worn out He is still on his radio calling kick. Just this week he made a call and got to be a "junior joker." I was asleep and missed it :( But for goodness sakes, I can not wake up as early as him. He's trying SO hard to win Backstage passes to Celebrate Freedom. He has BIG plans to go and spend the day watching concerts. He SO hopes to win tickets and calls at least 20 times every.single.morning at 6:20 and 7:20. When he finally got through on Monday the tickets were gone for that time period, but he got to speak with Kevin. What he asked was "How long have you been married?" So strange what that boy comes up with, but whatever. Either way he is in the First grade now. He has several kids that were in his class last year in his class again this year. His teacher is young and seems to be nice. She is currently working on getting her gifted certification which is why Micah and one other girl got her. They are the two 1st graders who go to SCOPE. So far MIcah seems to be (from what he's telling me) doing very well. He has earned several 'starbucks' and has yet to have to move his name down. I'm hoping he's trying hard! He still hasn't made very many new friends that he will talk about. I asked him who he plays with at the playground and he told me nobody. So I asked he ever played with Ethan or Brain some boys from his class last year, who are in another class this year. He told me "Not really." So I asked "What in the world do you do when y'all go outside then?" He said "I mostly just talk to Mrs. Greene if she's out there." LOL What a hoot!

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