Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, August 15, 2013


After months and months of planning. After night after night of bad dreams. The party came and went fine. The day of the party was NON Stop. I had made several trips to the Rents' house dropping off supplies, but on the day of the party, I still had to get balloons, the cake, ice cream.... Those kinds of things. The morning began with a moonwalk for a sweet friend. I couldn't turn it down because she helped get us a BIG job last year. So bright and early the boys and I headed over to set it up (Stacy had to work). From there, I ran to get a quick haircut. I had been NEEDING one for months, but knowing that I would be outside in the 90 degree temps for most of the day, I decided to bite the bullet. I went to Great Clips told the girl I needed a quick cut. I told her my goal is to be able to put my hair in a ponytail..... Instead of the 6 inches that I was planning on, she cut about 8! Needless to say it was a bit of a change. While I was getting my haircut Mama and Daphne both began calling me to see where I was. Daphne had volunteered to help me that morning. I headed to the Rents' as quickly as I could. I had Daphne help me make cupcake ice cream cones, she also helped me fill candy containers. We worked and prepared until after lunch. I got a call from the girl who had the moonwalk saying that she was finished. Stacy was still working, so I loaded up the boys, ran to retrieve the moonwalk, get the cake, balloons, and ice cream, and headed back to the Rents' We got there 1 1/2 before the party was supposed to begin, and I had NOTHING set up outside. I was hoping that Stacy would be able to help me.... Daddy had an event at Stone Mt, and Mama was exhausted. I rushed around like a chicken with my head cut off. The signs wouldn't stick in the ground, some began to come apart. I was just about to breakdown. All of my nightmares were going to come true. My party was going to be a failure..... Then Stacy showed up. 20 minutes before the guests arrived, and he saved the day. I told him exactly where to put the decor and I jumped in the shower. By the time I was out and dressed, Stacy had completed the job and people were already there. The party went smoothly. Everyone with the exception of one little girl came. I had a hard time choosing pics because my personal photographer Ms. Martha did and AWESOME job, here are just some of my favorites :)

We played the life size version of Candyland.

Terren won the game and was the first to make it to the candy table!

Stacy was SO excited that Peaches came, and so was his mom.
Lots of our favorite people came! LOVE Mrs. Greene!

This boy is SEVEN!!!
Sweet Riley kisses
Man, I missed this face this summer!

We had a Candy walk. It's like a cakewalk, but you win candy instead..... Micah's idea ;)

$, and legos seemed to be the theme :)
And the cake turned out delicious, and perfect for the party!

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