Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Micah

We have had quite an interesting summer to say the least. Micah is getting so big so fast. He'll be SEVEN soon! But boy does he keep us on our toes (still) Not sure if I ever shared that on Halloween night Micah got into his candy and ate it ALL! The morning after I found wrappers ALL over his room, hid in his closet, behind his bed.... everywhere. It was then in the heat of the moment that I announced that he was grounded from candy until his turns 7. His birthday party is quickly approaching and there will be candy at the party. He is a little excited. I guess I am too, I have had dreams/ nightmares about this one! Just hoping is goes smoothly and that people have fun. 
Micah listens to music ALL of the time. His radio in his room is left on 24/7. He keeps it on The Fish and is constantly keeping me up to date on their news, games, the Djs and all. Sometime last week he began a new obsession. I try not to say anything to him about it and just let it run it's course, because if I try to change him, it always goes bad and makes things worse. This could be a whole lot worse, but it's crazy to say the least. Micah has began Calling the radio station. Multiple times a day, he gets the phone, hides, and has a chat with the DJ. Stacy's dad passed away last week and Micah secretly called in with his "status update" We had NO clue until Stacy heard Micah on the radio telling the DJ that his grandpa died and wouldn't be able to come to his birthday party. He calls just to ask who's on air, and has even requested songs. Stacy's dad's funeral was yesterday and since Micah had a rough time after the viewing (He couldn't sleep, stayed up VERY late and knew that he was going to have nightmares) we decided to not take him to the funeral. It was smack during Patton's nap time as well, so we just left the boys with Mama. While Mama was watching them he borrowed her phone and called Parks who works mid day on The Fish. She answered.... They seem to always answer for him. He asked her about a game they used to play called the sound game. She told him that they would be playing it again in the fall. Then she asked "Is this Micah?" CRAZY!! The DJs know my son for his multiple calls!! I can not get over this boy! He is something else. 
We went to the funeral home for visitation on Monday afternoon. I forewarned Micah that it was not a place to go play. That people would be sad and crying, that he needed to be calm and well behaved (I had my fingers crossed) He tried real hard for about 5 minutes, then he needed to show off his monkey skills and attempt to Climb the columns in the common area. Shortly after that, he along with several of his cousins sat quietly on a bench keeping to themselves when "The Boss" came up and told them to follow him :o I was a little nervous, but none of the kids were and they followed him to the kitchen where he had nice warm cookies waiting for them. HE sugared them all up really nice. I didn't witness this, but was told by multiple people that Micah asked to "see the boss." When he did, he told the boss that he "only got 3 cookies" and would like some more!! What in the world! The same boy requested some milk to go along with the cookies that they so graciously shared, and when told that they didn't have any he said, "Well you need to get some then." Micah! Polite! 
I can brag that when we went to the water park last week Micah (and Patton) got compliments. They do not let you bring outside food in, so we had to go buy snacks from the concession stand. I let Micah order his own. He said "May I please have some chex mix and a power aide." The girl maybe high school or college was in awe and complimented his manners. She said no one there has that kind of manners and she was impressed with my boy's. I told her that manners are very important at our house. She agreed, but said that she rarely sees them at work. Sad :( 
Micah LOVES legos and most of the time you can find him playing (while listening to The Fish) He LOVES to swim, but we just haven't gotten to swim half as much this summer as last due to the crazy amount of rain. He loves to pick blueberries, but won't eat them. He is a crafty little thing and likes to create things with boxes, paper towel rolls, markers...... Hobby Lobby is one of his favorite places (and mine too) 

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