Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Easter morning we went to church. We have been going to Bethlehem Church for several months now. We have really enjoyed it and know a lot of people who go there. I really like how casual it is. I like that when I wear khakis I am one of the most dressed up people there. Although I didn't get any pictures before church, the boys wore the same clothes for bunny pics and were super cute.

After church ran home, grabbed my mac and cheese and headed went to meet Laura. She hitched a ride with us. Everything was going smoothly until about half way to the country. Patton started acting really strange, and I was SURE that he needed to use the bathroom, but he said he didn't. He whined and was pitiful. Long story short, he wet his pants, :( so both he and I ended up changing before we had any family pictures taken :(

Patton LOVED the cupcakes!

After lunch and visiting, Cary took most of the kids away for the Gator ride, a few kids stayed and played on the play set. As soon as I was finished hiding my eggs, this is what came walking up to me! He found some dirt and some water..... What a mess he was!

I tried to change him as quickly as I could, but ended up not finishing in time. Stacy watched the beginning of the hunt and attempted to take some pics for me :)

Not even 2 minutes after the hunt began, it began to rain. The hunt was quick, and everyone was W E T. Everyone counted their eggs so that we could see who won. Patton was Most proud of his train in his prize egg!

The prize table was full of fun things!

Paw-Paw was so happy with his prize!

And to end the day.... Patton wasn't the only one who found mud.  Right before we left, MIcah came to me looking like this! What is it with those Robinson boys and mud?! I'm thankful for brown clothes :)

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