Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Day

After another wonderful night of sleep we got up, ate, and headed over to The Grove Park Inn for the viewing of the gingerbread houses from the Gingerbread House Competition. I have watched the judging of these before on tv and was SO Excited to learn that I could view them in person.... on the first day of viewing at that. I'm sure that after a couple of weeks in, they start looking pitiful.... It has to be all edible after all. The Grove Park Inn was so beautiful. I LOVED all of the stones.

I thought we'd easily spend an hour to two hours looking at everything, but we actually moved through very quickly. We sure saw some neat looking things.

Here is the Grand Prize Winner. Amazing huh?!
We are SO thankful to have sweet Mama watch our boys while we were gone. She was worn out by the time we returned. We had a Great time but realized very quickly it was not a trip that children would enjoy at all. Thank You! Thank you Mama!

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